We bought a van / by Paul


Our new home is a 2002 Vauxhall Movano with just a touch over 83,000 miles under the wheels.

‘Claude’ as I have affectionally named him (Lara may say otherwise), started life as retirement home transport in Dorset before being converted into a camper van by a couple living in Scotland.

So why ‘Claude’ I hear you ask, well the Vauxhall Movano is a reliable, hard working and often misunderstood vehicle so to me there’s no one better to name our new home after than Southampton Football Club’s First Team Manager, Claude Puel.

The Frenchman has taken a bit of flack in his first season in English football but has managed to take Saints to the League Cup final and still looking hopeful (at time of typing) for a top half finish. Anyway, just before I get back on track with this blog, what’s a better way to pay tribute to the man from Castres?