Mishaps and hiccups / by Lara


Not even here a week and the bikes are out already.  Anyone who knows Paul will know he's a keen cyclist, me on the other hand I give myself an 'A' for effort and certainly enthusiasm.  I also give myself an 'A' for polishing off nearly a bottle of wine before a blink of an eye. The looks Paul was giving me as he asked, 'Are you sure you want to go for a ride?' 'Yeah!' I said. Which is when the hiccups started. Not a great look stumbling around the campsite, getting a helmet on, and setting off on your new road bike I assure you. But off I went... hiccupping until at least a couple of miles down the road.  First hill got rid of them in a jiffy and sobered me up too. Bollocks.  Are we nearly there yet?!

Road to Albert

Road to Albert

Second day at the lovely Albert saw us walk 8 miles to and from town, purchasing a second pair of shoes for me (Do not, I repeat do not go for a walk with brand new shoes on.  Twice). A stop at a lovely bar for some great people watching and a walk around the Somme Museum before heading to Carrefour to pick up a pan, because yes we left one on the seat of my car at home and yes the other one cracked whilst mid cooking last night. Seated at the dinner table, sore feet and an urge to cool off in some water we decided it best to move on and find some swimming spots.

Day five, third location and all is going well so far. Claude is still moving, admittedly very slowly but we're enjoying the journey nonetheless.  I wish I could say the same of the French drivers behind us! Oh well! 

Found a great spot by 'Lac Du Der', by great I mean a peaceful, gorgeous space with creepy crawlies EVERYWHERE! We even took the kayaks out for a spin. And I do mean spin; for some reason Paul and I kept spinning on every 4th paddle. (Canoe believe it!) I found this utterly hilarious. Paul did not.  But onwards we went.  A paddle across the lake to a beach, a swim and then back again.

The heavens have opened so we've taken refuge in the van. Its okay, we have red wine. 

We have a lot of spare time, so you seem to observe everything.  Here's a list of things I've noticed:

  • I haven't bought too many clothes but I do think a birdcage may not be necessary.
  • A chilli pepper in the van is great. So is this sweet pepper plant we have.
  • Paul's beard and tash are doing remarkably well. He wants to take part in Movember this year, which may be how long it takes for him to grow it. 
  • Washing up is still my job abroad.
  • My new chair is bloody ace. Probably why Paul keeps stealing it!